13 February, 2010

Wild Goose Chase

Today, a visit to Radwell to see some Geese. Unfortunately there was no sign of the two Pink-feet recently reported. However, the two White-fronted Geese were still present, feeding with a large flock of Greylags. They were distant at c.750m away - but that didn't deter the camera !

The ex-BT building in the centre of Bedford regularly hosts a Peregrine.

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Birth Of a Manta Ray said...

Hi friends,

Geese are large, elegant birds that flock to waterfront envrionments. While they are enjoyable to observe in their natural habitat, having them be frequent visitors in your own yard can be a large. While geese are not as common as chickens, it is estimated that they comprise 0.2 percent of the poultry population of the United States. Thanks a lot.....