22 January, 2008

South Bedfordshire

Although the light was reasonable (for winter) the birds refused to come close for anything other than record shots - two of the three Red Kite (as last year), a pair of Raven and Common Buzzard.



Red Kite

Red Kite

Common Buzzard

Ahh, yes - another European Robin image !

European Robin

16 January, 2008

Norfolk Day Trip

The first two hours were spent in Cley Village waiting for the White-crowned Sparrow. It duly showed a couple of times, but didn't get a chance to photograph the bird. We then spent the rest of the day around the north Norfolk coast.

After leaving the sparrow at cley, a posse of birders (including us) then hit the local hotspots. At Salthouse, a confiding flock of Snow Bunting and a few Turnstone were feeding around our feet. Luckily, I didn't have to chase the Lapland Bunting as it set down, briefly, in front of the camera.

A Black Brant dropped in front of us with a few Brent Geese which was just compensation after paying £3.50 for access at Lady Anne's Drive, Holkham.

On the beach at Holkam there were more Snow Bunting, a few Meadow Pipits and a couple of Rock Pipit.

Finally, the last few hours were spent at Titchwell RSPB. The light was tailing off, but a nice Black-tailed Godwit fed close to the footpath.

12 January, 2008


The promise of a sunny day after a few days of rain and gloom resulted in an hours drive up to Thurleigh. Compared to this time last year, the number of Yellowhammer, larks and finches were much reduced. However, a female Hen harrier was again present.

The setaside is ideal for Common Stonechat - at least two pairs were in evidence again this year.

05 January, 2008

Local Patch

The light was pretty good today, so a visit to the local patch was called for. An overwintering Common Chiffchaff briefly got the pulse racing - it looked very washed out to the eye. The camera, however, told a different story.

Common Chiffchaff

A male Great-spotted Woodpecker foraged half-heartedly on some dead Elms, eventually taking the easy option of peanuts from nearby feeders.

Great-spotted Woodpecker

A Common Kestrel attempts to land.

01 January, 2008

New Year's Day and Partridges

A local mooch didn't produce much, but at least it stayed dry and the light was better than of late.

First up was a rather dark Common Buzzard just outside town.

This Muntjac Deer was feeding just outside the Paris House Restaurant, Woburn.

On to the 'Potsgrove Loop' where a couple of beds birders alerted me to five Grey Partridge behind a hedgerow. The birds had moved further in to the field when this shot was taken. A flock of twenty Meadow Pipit proved more difficult to approach. They're seen in most years at this spot.

At my regular local patch this Lesser Redpoll dropped down to feed briefly in deteriorating light. Six Red-legged Partridge stayed low in a nearby field, while a Blue Tit stopped en-route to some nearby bird feeders.