31 May, 2006

Lesvos Part 1 of 7, 11th May, 2006

Day 1, 11th May

Well, we couldn't think of anywhere else to go at short notice, so we opted for Lesbos - our second visit. We stayed at the Hotel Pasiphae in Skala Kallonis - adequate for our purposes (hint - we ate out most evenings!). The staff were very friendly but the leaking cistern in the bathroom did not get repaired in the week we stayed, despite a couple of requests. We hired a 4x4 Jeep (a must for those back 'roads').


Hotel Pasiphae

There were four Nightingale within earshot including one outside our room. Some people complained it kept them awake !
The Kalloni pool was a stone's throw away and was fairly dry with enough water to attract the odd specie.A couple of 'meeters and greeters' outside the apartment.

Collard Dove

Spanish Sparrow - we named this individual 'psycho sparrow' owing to its incessantly loud non-stop singing which stood out from the crowd !

Spanish Sparrow