08 February, 2013

Leach's Petrel

Another great find by John 'Leach' Lynch :-)
John popped over to Brogborough Lake late morning  'as it was only ten minutes away' and was disappointed that there wasn't much around except the' known' Scaup which were in the fishermens' corner. He then noticed a few gulls harassing something - this 'something' turned out to be a Leach's Petrel !

A new county bird for me after missing Pete Smith's bird at nearby Stewartby Lake (although I did photograph what was possibly the same Leach's Petrel at Tring a few days later).

Todays (less than) record shots are awful - the bird was way out beyond the center of the lake, and the light was grim. Still, a nice find by JL, brightening up a cold February day.

Leach's Petrel
Brogborough Lake

20 January, 2013

Garden Fieldfare

We've experienced winter snow for the last three or four years, and each time we see Fieldfare in the garden. They love cooking apples, cut in half, and defend them from other species, such as Blackbird and Starling, chasing them off. This individual appears to have a 'gammy' right leg.
The shot was taken through a double glazed door window from a distance of about 12-14 feet.
ISO: 200
Tv: 1/250
Av: 5.6
FL: 275mm
Program AE
Apple: 'Tesco', cooking