31 July, 2006

Lesvos Part 3 of 7, 13th May, 2006

East River

This male Black-headed Bunting frequented the scrub along the East River. The drivable track had collapsed for a few meters on the west side of the river just south of the ford - there was a strong rumour that a couple of birders in a car were involved.

Black-headed Bunting

Quite common along the river - an Olivaceous Warbler.

Olivaceous Warbler

A Temminck's Stint feeding in the East River.

Temminck's Stint

One of a pair of Bee Eater along the East River. Breed at suitable areas e.g. in the Upper East River.

Bee Eater

Occasional genuine migrant White Pelican do occur, and some are 'befriended' by local fishermen such as this one in Skala Kallonis harbour.

White Pelican