31 October, 2006

Lesvos Part 6 of 7, 16th May, 2006

A pre-breakfast trip to Kallonis inland pool. Two Squacco Heron bathed in early morning sunlight.

Squacco Heron

Another of the heron tribe - a Little Bittern in flight.

Little Bittern

This Great Reed Warbler fed openly on the far side of the pool.

Great Reed Warbler

A pair of White Stork at the nest in a village just north of Skalla Kallonis, complete with House Sparrow lodgers.

White Stork

Whilst driving the tracks across to the East River we saw our only Lesser-grey Shrike of the trip.

Lesser-grey Shrike

Bees the size of your fists ! Err... well almost !

Bee sp.

A mean-looking Hooded Crow in the East River.

Hooded Crow

Whilst following a track west of Napi we came across this old stone bridge.

Old stone bridge

Although heard regularly, Cirl Bunting was rarely seen. This individual was the closest one came to the camera, in an olive grove not far beyond the old stone bridge.

Cirl Bunting

Back at the Kallonis inland pool a European Bee-Eater flew overhead.

Bee Eater

An Olivaceous Warbler near the pool.

Olivaceous Warbler

Newly arrived the day before - part of a flock of Rose-coloured Starling feeding in fields behind the salt pans.

Rosy Starling

Still a good few Greater Flamingo on the salt pans.

Greater Flamingo