28 February, 2008

Dunstable STW: Thursday

A Common Stonechat was feeding off the dead Elms along the approach track and is probably the same one that was reported in the log over the last couple of days.

Common Stonechat

With the popularity of 'Alabaster' Mallards on the decline, these three Mallard have nothing to do ! :~)

Mallard Duck

A Muntjac Deer scavenges under the bird feeders.

Muntjac Deer

27 February, 2008

Grovebury Quarry

A quick scan of this working sand pit near Leighton Buzzard this afternoon produced four Goosander. Unfortunately they were at the southern end of the pit - too far to DSLR. A female/1st winter-type Common Stonechat was more obliging. There seems to be a passage of these birds lately with six birds at Blows Downs, three at Harlington Bottoms, a 'flock' of ten at Pegsdon, and a few more elsewhere no doubt.

Common Stonechat

08 February, 2008


No sign of the Barn Owl after an early start but did, however, find a fresh owl pellet beneath a post used by said owl, which, adding two and two together equals...?

Barn Owl pellet

Spring is in the air, but some winter visitors will be around for a couple of months yet. This Fieldfare was feasting, along with the local Blackbirds, on these haws.


Would you be offended if I posted yet another European Robin shot ?

European Robin


01 February, 2008

Common Buzzard

A bright, sunny day that should have produced some good shots. However, there was a cold breeze which probably kept the birds hidden. I was glad, therefore, when I noticed this Common Buzzard close to the road just outside town. The car proved an effective hide, but a high hedgerow hampered the view.

Common Buzzard

Common Buzzard