12 February, 2005

Waxwing in Linslade

This Bohemian Waxwing spent a couple of days in a residential area of Linslade, easily located by scanning the numerous TV aerials.


07 February, 2005

Little Egret at Dunstable Wetland Reserve

This Little Egret posed nicely on the scrape for this somewhat over-exposed digiscoped shot as it preened and fed. There seems to be one found somewhere in the county at most times of the year - a marked contrast to only a few years back when I had to twitch my first Bedfordshire one at Harrold Country Park in August 1994.

Little Egret

02 February, 2005

Waxwings in Woburn

This Bohemian Waxwing was part of an 80+ flock in Woburn. They favoured a couple of areas - one very close to the main crossroads where people, cars and juggernauts kept them mobile.