18 October, 2009

Brown Shrike: Staines Moor, Middlesex

Another pleasant 'twitch' with a not-too-large gathering. Now in to its eighth day, the first-winter Brown Shrike was showing well, although sometimes distant. Initially it was thought to be a Red-backed Shrike. However, questions were asked, and the ID nailed.
I did manage to find a couple of fuzzy images among all the sharp ones (:-) and those of you with really good imaginations may even be able to make out some salient features which distinguish this bird from other shrikes !!

Brown Shrike

Brown Shrike

Images details:
c.100m @400mm; f5.6; tripod; sized 135%

[1] iso.100 @1/200th sec.
[2] iso.400 @1/800th sec.

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