08 March, 2007

Norfolk, 8th March 2007

Spring has truely arrived with the Sun, at last, getting higher as each day passes. The Barn Owl is one of those birds which never ceases to thrill. This one was hunting over Dersingham Bog.

Barn Owl

Barn Owl

A diversion to Grimes Graves in the Brecks to see a Great-grey Shrike. The £2.70 addmission fee to this English Heritage site was a shock to the system though. However, for our money, we did go down one of the neolithic flint mines - which was nice. There were a few Woodlark singing over the clear-fell areas whilst skylark could be heard over the more open grasslands. No prize-winning image here as the bird would not allow close approach.

Great-grey Shrike

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