30 June, 2006

Lesvos Part 2 of 7, 12th May, 2006

West River

A pre-breakfast visit to the West River produced Crested Lark and Black Stork but the Sun was still below the horizon, so photography was difficult.

Crested Lark

Black Stork

East River

Although I'd visited Lesvos before, I needed to familiarise myself with the area once more, so a quick dash over to the East River ensued. I favoured the back roads, where scuffy, scrubby areas often produce suprises such as the River Warbler I'd seen on my last visit. Not this time though - just 'ordinary' stuff like another Crested Lark (or two) !

Crested Lark

The Sun was just about up and light improved. I found out later in the day that I was unnecessarily still shooting on ISO400 !
I practiced stalking techniques on a Black-headed Bunting.

Black-headed Bunting

Skalla Kallonis to Sigri

It was difficult to drive without stopping - there was so much to see, so many interesting bits of habitat to explore ! If we were ever to get to our destination a strict, disciplined approach must be adhered to - well, almost ! This guy needed rescuing for a start...


What about a passing Short-toed Eagle ? Are we just going to continue driving ?

Short-toed Eagle

This Lizard-type thing was worth a look.

Lizard Sp.

Sigri to Eresos Road

The word was, near an 'oasis' along this track, a pair of White-throated Robin were nesting. However, the display of the male had tailed off, and the pair were now secretive. We tried to locate them, along with a few other birders, but to no avail. The oasis was, however, an excellent hot-spot with many interesting birds. This confiding Little Bittern posed right by the roadside; you can see reflections of light from the water on its belly.

Little Bittern

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